Morbius End Credit Scene – How Many?

How many Morbius end credit scenes are there?

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How many end credit scenes are in Morbius?

There are a total of four end credit scenes in the movie Morbius. The first scene shows Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) escaping from prison. The second scene shows Morbius flying through the air and landing on a building. The third scene shows Morbius fighting against a group of people. The fourth and final scene shows Morbius walking away from the camera.

What do these end credit scenes reveal about the movie?

There are two end credit scenes in Morbius. The first one sees Morbius (Jared Leto) finally catch up to Loxias Crown (Matt Smith), the man who killed his wife and turned him into a vampire. Morbius tells Loxias that he’s going to make him “suffer for eternity” before killing him.

The second end credit scene is a little more confusing. It sees Michael Morbius waking up in what appears to be a lab of some kind. He is then greeted by a man who looks very similar to him, but with no scars. The man introduces himself as Emil Nikos, and says that he’s been expecting Morbius.

Nikos then tells Morbius that he is in fact not human, but an artificial life form created by the same process that turned Morbius into a vampire. Nikos says that he was created as a “backup” in case something happened to Morbius, and that there are others like him out there. It’s not clear what this means for the future of the franchise, but it seems like it could set up a sequel or spin-off featuring Nikos as the lead character.

What do these end credit scenes tease for the future of the franchise?

At the end of Morbius, there are two post-credits scenes that tease the future of the franchise. In the first scene, we see Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) being visited by a man in a black suit, who is revealed to be Walter Lawson/Colonel Hardy ( Matt Smith). Hardy tells Morbius that he knows what he is and offers him a spot on the team, to which Morbius declines.

In the second scene, we see Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) being released from prison. He is greeted by Mac Gargan (Sean Gunn), who tells him that there is someone who wants to meet him. Toomes then meets with Hardy, who again offers him a spot on the team. Toomes again declines, but says that he knows someone who may be interested.

These scenes tease the formation of the Sinister Six, a team of Spider-Man’s villains that has been teased since Spider-Man: Homecoming. It remains to be seen if and when these teased villains will appear in future movies, but it seems likely that they will play a role in Sony’sSpider-Man universe going forward.

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