How Many Venom Post Credit Scenes Are There?

How Many Venom Post Credit Scenes Are There? We break down the number of post-credits scenes and what they mean for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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How Many Venom Post Credit Scenes Are There?

Venom has two post-credits scenes, one at the very end of the credits and one about halfway through.

The first scene is a set-up for the sequel, with Woody Harrelson’s character Cletus Kasady reintroducing himself to Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) while in prison. He says “when I get out of here, there’s gonna be carnage,” hinting that he will become Carnage in the next movie.

The second scene is a teaser for another Marvel Comics character who will be appearing in his own movie soon – Morbius, the Living Vampire (Jared Leto). In the scene, Michael Morbius is seen in a lab experimenting on himself, and he appears to have some success turning himself into a vampire.

What Happens in the First Venom Post Credit Scene?

In the first Venom post credit scene, we see that the Life Foundation has recovered one of the symbiotes from abroad and is bringing it back to their facility. Once there, they put it in a special chamber and start running tests on it. While they’re doing that, one of their employees, who’s been infected with a symbiote, starts to go crazy and attacks everyone. The employees manage to subdue him and put him in the chamber with the other symbiote.

What Happens in the Second Venom Post Credit Scene?

In the second post-credits scene, we see Brock heading into a grocery store with a bag of money. He’s approached by a woman named Henrietta, who pretends not to know who he is. She then hands him an envelope full of cash and tells him to count it. Brock does so and then hands her back the envelope, telling her that he’ll see her tomorrow.

We then see Venom inside of a convenience store, where he’s using his symbiote powers to keep the place clean. He’s also using his powers to stop a robbery that’s happening outside. After the robbers are gone, Venom approaches the store owner and hands him back the money that was stolen. The store owner is amazed and asks Venom if he wants a job. Venom declines, saying that he’s not looking for work right now.

What Happens in the Third Venom Post Credit Scene?

The third Venom post-credits scene reveals that the Venom symbiote has bonded with another human host, this time a woman. She is shown waking up in a hospital, with the alien creature now inhabiting her body. The scene ends with her walking out of the hospital and into the street, where she is confronted by a group of armed thugs. The woman then suddenly unleashes the power of the Venom symbiote, killing all of her assailants. This final post-credits scene indicates that there will be more to come from this new Venom host, and sets up a potential sequel to the film.

What Happens in the Fourth Venom Post Credit Scene?

For anyone who’s seen the film, it’s pretty obvious that Venom’s end credits scene is a set up for what’s to come in a sequel. The question is, how many post credit scenes are there?

In the fourth and final post credit scene, we see Eddie Brock (Venom’s human host) in a psychiatric hospital. He’s talking to his therapist about how he’s been feeling lately and reveals that he sometimes hears voices in his head. The therapist asks if these voices ever tell him to do things and Eddie Brock says no, but then we see a shot of Venom (the alien symbiote) inside Eddie’s head, telling him to kill the therapist. The scene ends with Venom saying “We will kill everyone” as the screen cuts to black.

What Happens in the Fifth Venom Post Credit Scene?

There are a total of five Venom post credit scenes. The first four scenes show Eddie Brock and Venom fighting crime together, while the fifth and final scene shows Eddie and Venom parting ways.

In the fifth post credit scene, Eddie Brock has decided to give up being Venom after realizing that the symbiote is slowly taking over his body. He asks Venom to leave him, but Venom refuses, saying that it needs Eddie as much as Eddie needs it. Eddie then asks Venom to kill him, but Venom refuses again, saying that it couldn’t live without him.

Eddie then decides to jump off a bridge into a storm drain in an attempt to kill himself and get rid of Venom. However, Venom jumps in after him and saves his life. The scene ends with Eddie and Venom reconcile and agreeing to stay together.

What Happens in the Sixth Venom Post Credit Scene?

The sixth Venom post credit scene reveals that the latent form of the symbiote that was attached to Eddie Brock has finally found a new host in the form of a black cat. The scene then cuts to black.

What Happens in the Seventh Venom Post Credit Scene?

In the seventh post-credit scene, we see Venomous attacking a group of armed robbers. He then turns to the camera and says “Don’t worry, I’m not here for you.”

What Happens in the Eighth Venom Post Credit Scene?

In the eighth Venom post credit scene, we see the return of fan-favorite character Brock Rumlow (played by Frank Grillo). He is seen getting out of a car and entering a building. We then see him in a office, talking to someone on the phone. Brock says that he is “tired of cleaning up other people’s messes” and that he wants “something bigger”. We then see him meeting with Wilson Fisk (played by Vincent D’Onofrio), who tells Brock that he can help him with his “problem”.

What Happens in the Ninth Venom Post Credit Scene?

The ninth Venom post credit scene shows the return of Spider-Man to the MCU. This is a huge moment for fans, as it had been previously confirmed that Spider-Man would not be appearing in Venom. The scene itself is very brief, and simply shows Peter Parker (Tom Holland) walking through an alleyway before coming across a poster for the film. He looks up at it for a moment before the camera cuts to black.

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