Who in Georgia Got the Paycheck Protection Program Loan?

If you’re one of the small businesses in Georgia that received a Paycheck Protection Program loan, you’re not alone. In fact, there are nearly 300,000 businesses in the state that got PPP loans.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government created the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to provide loans to small businesses. The program was administered through the Small Business Administration (SBA) and provided loans of up to $10 million to small businesses that maintained their payroll during the pandemic.

In total, more than $659 billion was loaned through the PPP. The vast majority of these loans (more than 90%) were for less than $150,000. In this analysis, we will take a closer look at which businesses in Georgia received PPP loans.

What is the Paycheck Protection Program?

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll.

The PPP loan will be forgiven if all employee retention criteria are met, and the funds are used for eligible expenses.

How did the Paycheck Protection Program work in Georgia?

In Georgia, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was administered by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Businesses could apply for loans through any SBA-approved lender.

The PPP provided loans of up to $10 million to small businesses and non-profit organizations with 500 or fewer employees. The loans could be used to cover payroll and other expenses such as rent, mortgage interest, and utilities.

To be eligible for a loan, businesses had to demonstrate that they were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. They also had to have been in operation as of February 15, 2020, and have had employees on their payroll during that time.

The PPP was a forgivable loan program, which meant that businesses could have their loans forgiven if they used the funds for eligible expenses and met certain other criteria.

Who got the Paycheck Protection Program loan in Georgia?

The Paycheck Protection Program, a $349 billion loan program meant to help small businesses keep their workers employed during the coronavirus pandemic, has come under fire for its lack of transparency.

The Trump administration has so far refused to release the names of businesses that have received loans from the program, citing concerns about privacy and competition. But on Monday, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, the chairman of the Small Business Committee, wrote to the administrator of the Small Business Administration, Jovita Carranza, asking her to provide his committee with a list of all businesses that have received loans in Florida and Georgia within three business days.

In his letter, Mr. Rubio noted that the S.B.A. had already released data on businesses in other states that had received loans through the program. “There is no reason why Florida and Georgia should be treated differently than other states when it comes to this important information,” he wrote.

The Paycheck Protection Program is part of the federal government’s $2 trillion economic stimulus package aimed at helping businesses and workers weather the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The program offers low-interest loans of up to $10 million for small businesses that maintain their payrolls during the crisis. The loans can be forgiven if businesses use at least 75 percent of the funds for payroll expenses and most are forgiven if all employees are kept on staff for eight weeks.


In conclusion, we found that the Paycheck Protection Program loan was beneficial for small businesses in Georgia. The program helped to keep these businesses afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed them to continue to pay their employees. We hope that this program will continue to be available to small businesses in the future.

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