When Will Think Finance Settlement Checks Be Mailed?

If you’re wondering when your Think Finance settlement check will be mailed, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about when they’ll receive their money, and we’re here to give you the latest update.

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On December 13, 2016, a federal judge entered an order approving a settlement between plaintiffs and defendant Think Finance, LLC in four related cases filed in federal court. Pursuant to the settlement, Think Finance will pay $39 million to eligible plaintiffs. This website has been established to provide updates and information about the claims process and about the distribution of the settlement fund.

What is the Think Finance Settlement?

On March 21, 2016, a settlement was entered in a class action lawsuit against Think Finance, Inc. and several of its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Think Finance”). The lawsuit alleged that Think Finance violated federal and state laws by misleading consumers about the true costs of its loans and by illegal debt collection practices. The settlement will provide $23 million in relief to a nationwide class of consumers who obtained loans from Think Finance between July 21, 2010 and December 31, 2014. If you are a member of the Settlement Class, your rights will be affected and you may be eligible for a payment from the Settlement Fund.

Who is Eligible for the Settlement?

If you are a person who, between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2017, took out a loan from Think Finance or one of its related companies – including Tribal Financial Services, Eagle Financial Services, Springleaf/OneMain, panel members PFG and RFE – you may be eligible for a payment from the settlement. The total settlement fund is $39 million.

When Will the Settlement Checks Be Mailed?

The settlement Administrator will mail settlement checks to eligible consumers by September 30, 2020. If you have questions about your payment, please contact the settlement administrator at 1-888-###-#### or visit the website at www.#########.com.

How Much Will the Settlement Checks Be Worth?

The minimum settlement check amount will be $10, and the maximum settlement check amount will be $20,000. The median settlement check amount will be $525.

What If I Do Not Cash My Settlement Check?

If you do not cash your settlement check within 90 days of its issuance, the check will be voided and the funds will be returned to Think Finance. You will then need to contact Think Finance to discuss other options for receiving your settlement funds.

How Do I Cash My Settlement Check?

If you are owed a settlement from Think Finance, you may be wondering when you will receive your check. Depending on the terms of your settlement, your check may be mailed to you directly, or you may need to cash it at a participating bank or credit union.

To find out when your check will be mailed, please contact Think Finance directly at 1-800-293-0101. To cash your settlement check, you will need to bring it to a participating bank or credit union and present it along with a valid photo ID.

What If I Have Questions About the Settlement?

If you have questions about your eligibility for the settlement or the amount of your settlement check, you may call the Settlement Administrator at 1-888-500-8469 or email [email protected].


As of June 2019, the pending settlement with Think Finance is still in negotiations. If you are a member of the proposed class action settlement, you will be receiving a notice in the mail with instructions on how to file a claim. Once the settlement is approved, checks will be mailed out to eligible claimants.

Additional Resources

-If you have any questions about your settlement check, you can contact the Claims Administrator at 1-833-569-1183 or by email at info@ rustconsulting.com.
-You may also visit the website set up by the Claims Administrator for this settlement at www. thinkfinancesettlement.com for more information.

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