How to Use Doordash Credit

If you’re a first-time Doordash customer, you may be wondering how to use your Doordash credit. Here’s a quick guide on how to use your credit and get the most out of your food delivery experience.

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What is Doordash credit?

Doordash credit is a credit that can be used to offset the cost of delivery when ordering through the Doordash app. The credit can be applied to both restaurant and merchant orders, and can be used in conjunction with other promotions and discounts. To use Doordash credit, simply add it to your account prior to placing an order. The credit will automatically be applied to your next order.

How to use Doordash credit

To use your Doordash credit, simply select the credit as your payment method when prompted during checkout. You can use your credit to pay for your entire order, or use it in conjunction with another payment method. If you have enough credit to cover your order, you will not be prompted to enter another payment method.

Add your credit card to your account

Skip the hassle of carrying cash or hunting for an ATM when you’re ready to pay—add a credit or debit card right in the app. Here’s how:

1. Tap the profile icon on the bottom left of your main screen.

2. Select “Payment” from the list of options.

3. Enter your credit or debit card information, then tap “Add Card.” You may be asked to verify your card with a one-time code before you can continue.

4. Once your card is added, tap “Done” in the top right corner of the screen.

Apply your credit to an order

1. Tap the three lines in the upper left-hand corner of the Dasher app, then tap ‘Earnings.’
2. Tap ‘Doordash Credit’ and select which credit you’d like to use toward your order.
3. Enter your credit card information and complete your purchase!

Doordash credit terms and conditions

DoorDash is a food delivery service that partners with local restaurants to bring customers their favorite meals. You can order through the DoorDash app or website. When you sign up, you’ll enter your credit or debit card information. We’ll then keep your card on file and you’ll be able to use it to order food from DoorDash.


Doordash credit terms and conditions allow for a credit to be used within 120 days of it being applied to your account. After that, the credit will expire and you will not be able to use it.

Minimum purchase

Doordash credit can only be used towards the total purchase amount of an order, including taxes and Delivery Fees (if any). Credit cannot be applied to previous orders, or to the purchase of DashPass or other memberships.

Usage limits

Doordash credit can only be used for a limited number of DashPass orders in a given period. DashPass is Doordash’s subscription service that gives customers unlimited $0 delivery fees on orders from participating restaurants. The number of DashPass orders that you can place using Doordash credit will depend on the plan that you are subscribed to. For example, the monthly subscription plan lets you use Doordash credit for up to 10 DashPass orders per month, while the annual subscription plan lets you use Doordash credit for up to 120 DashPass orders per year. If you reach your limit of Doordash credit usage for the month or year, you will not be able to use any more credit until the next billing cycle.

How to get more Doordash credit

One way to get more Doordash credit is to use a referral code when you sign up. You can find a referral code online or through a friend. Another way to get more credit is to apply for a credit card that gives you cash back on your purchases.

Referral program

Doordash has a referral program where you can give your friends $5 in credit once they sign up, and they’ll get $5 in credit once they make their first order. Additionally, for every friend that you refer who orders, you’ll get a $10 credit added to your account.

Promotions and coupons

To get the most out of Doordash, it’s important to know how to use Doordash credit. There are a few ways to get credit, and we’ll go over them all here.

The first way to get credit is by using a promotion or coupon. You can find these by searching online or asking your localDash dealer. Sometimes, Dash will offer special promotions that give you extra credit when you order from certain restaurants. Keep an eye out for these deals and be sure to use them when they’re available.

Another way to get credit is by referring friends to Doordash. When you refer a friend, they’ll receive a promo code for $5 off their first order. Once they complete their first order, you’ll receive $5 inDoordash credit. Referral codes can be found in the “Referral” section of the Doordash app.

Finally, you can earn Doordash credit by completing orders from certain restaurants. Dash offers higher payouts for orders from certain restaurants, and these PayBoosts will show up as additional credits in your account. Be sure to check the app often to see which restaurants are offering PayBoosts so you can take advantage of them.

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