How to Increase Your Credit Limit with Bank of America

If you’re a Bank of America customer, you may be wondering how to increase your credit limit. Here’s a guide to help you out.

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If you have a Bank of America credit card, you may be wondering how to increase your credit limit. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Check your credit score. If it has improved since you were last approved for a credit card, you may have a good chance of getting an increase.

2. Call customer service and ask for a limit increase. Be prepared to answer questions about your income, employment, and debts.

3. If you have been a good customer, mention this to customer service when you ask for an increase. Good customers are typically rewarded with higher limits.

4. If your request is denied, try asking again in six months or so. Bank of America may reconsider if your financial situation has changed or if you have made improvements to your credit score.

How to Request an Increase

If you’d like to request a credit limit increase on your Bank of America credit card, you can do so by logging in to your account online, and then selecting the “Credit” tab. From there, you will see the option to “Request a credit limit increase.” Alternatively, you can call customer service at 1-888-732-8562 to request an increase.

There is no guarantee that Bank of America will approve your request for a credit limit increase, but if you have a good history with the bank and have used your credit responsibly, you may have a good chance at getting approved.

Other Ways to Increase Your Limit

In addition to increasing your credit limit, there are a few other ways you can improve your credit score with Bank of America. One way is to make sure you keep your balance below 30% of your credit limit each month. This is called your credit utilization ratio, and it’s one of the biggest factors in your credit score.

You can also try to negotiate a lower interest rate on your credit card. The lower your interest rate, the more of your payment will go toward paying down your balance each month. This will help you pay off your debt faster and improve your credit score.

Finally, you can always try to get a new credit card with a higher limit. This will give you more available credit, which can help improve your credit utilization ratio and increase your credit score.

When to Request an Increase

It’s best to wait at least six months after opening a credit card account before requesting a credit limit increase. This gives the issuer time to get to know your credit habits.

If you have a history of late or missed payments, your request is likely to be denied. And if you’ve only recently opened the account, you may not yet have established enough of a credit history for the issuer to feel comfortable increasing your credit limit.

If your account is in good standing and you’ve been using it regularly, you may want to consider requesting a credit limit increase. Bank of America will periodically review your account and may automatically increase your credit limit if they see that you’re managing your account responsibly.

How Much of an Increase to Request

Asking for a credit limit increase is a primary way to improve your credit score, but it’s important to do it the right way. When you request an increase, the bank will do a “hard” inquiry on your credit report, which can temporarily ding your score.

That’s why it’s important to only ask for an increase when you have a good reason to think you’ll be approved, such as having a strong history with the issuer or another loan from the bank. Bank of America will also consider factors like your current income and credit utilization rate.

If you’re approved for an increase, it’s important to keep your balance low and make payments on time to improve your credit score over the long term.

What to Do If Your Increase Is Denied

If you’re not immediately approved for a credit limit increase, don’t despair. You can still take steps to try to get your limit increased.

First, check your credit report to make sure there are no errors that could be causing your denial. If you find any, dispute them with the credit bureau.

You can also try contacting Bank of America directly and asking to speak with a supervisor. Tell them why you think you deserve an increased credit limit, and ask if there is any way they can help you achieve that goal.

Finally, consider applying for a new credit card with a higher limit. This will give you more available credit, which could help improve your credit score over time.


You have a few options when it comes to increasing your credit limit with Bank of America. You can either request a credit line increase online, over the phone, or in person at a banking center. If you have a good relationship with your banker, you may be able to negotiate a higher credit line.

If you’re looking to increase your credit limit, it’s important to keep in mind that your credit utilization ratio will play a big role in whether or not your request is approved. In general, it’s best to keep your credit utilization ratio below 30%. So if you currently have a balance of $3,000 and a credit limit of $10,000, you’re using 30% of your available credit. To lower your ratio, you can either pay down your balance or request a higher credit limit from Bank of America.

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