How Many Venom 2 Post Credit Scenes Are There?

If you’re a fan of Venom, then you’re probably wondering how many post-credit scenes there are in Venom 2. We’ve got the answer for you!

Checkout this video:

Post Credit Scene #1

The first post-credits scene is a mid-credits scene that shows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) visiting Dr. Dante Chapman (Don Cheadle). Chapman tells Eddie that the Venom symbiote is more than just a suit, it’s a living entity that needs to be fed. He also says that the symbiote is changing Eddie, and that he should consider getting rid of it.

Post Credit Scene #2

The second post-credit scene shows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) visiting his ex-wife, Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), in a hospital. She’s just given birth to their child, a daughter named Brock.

Post Credit Scene #3

The third post-credits scene for Venom 2 is a bit of a head-scratcher. The scene opens with Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) waking up in a hospital bed with his ex-wife Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) at his side. Brock looks around the room and sees that he’s not alone, as Carlton Drake/Riot (Riz Ahmed) is also in the room hooked up to life support.

We then see that Drake has been restrained and is being observed by Dr. Dana Crisp (Rebecca Hall). She explains to them that Drake is in a catatonic state and that they haven’t been able to get him to respond to anything. As she’s talking, we see that Brock has started to develop Venom’s tendrils and they wrap around Drake’s body.

The next thing we see is Brock walking out of the hospital with Drake’s body slung over his shoulder. He takes him to an abandoned warehouse where he finds Lisa Tomlinson (Naomie Harris), who tells him that she knows how to get rid of Riot once and for all. The scene then ends with Brock asking her what she needs from him.

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