How Many Post-Credit Scenes Does Venom Have?

Venom has two post-credit scenes. One is a teaser for the upcoming sequel and the other is a fun little Easter egg.

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How Many Post-Credit Scenes Does Venom Have?

Venom, the long-awaited Marvel movie starring Tom Hardy as the anti-hero of the same name, finally hit theaters this weekend. And while the reception to the film has been mixed, one thing everyone can agree on is that it’s packed with Easter eggs, references, and callbacks to both the comics and wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One of the things that Venom is most famous for in the comics is its post-credits scenes. In fact, Venom’s first appearance in Spider-Man 3 was actually in a post-credits scene (before he got his own spin-off movie). So it’s no surprise that Venom also has a few post-credits scenes of its own.

If you stay through all the credits (and you should), you’ll be treated to not one, but two post-credit scenes. The first is a mid-credits scene that sets up a potential sequel, and the second is a very brief scene after all the credits have rolled.

We won’t spoil what happens in either scene, but we will say that they’re both worth sticking around for if you’re a fan of Venom or just want to see what could be in store for future movies set in this world.

The First Post-Credit Scene

The first post-credit scene in Venom is a tease for what’s to come in the sequel. We see Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) in a church, surrounded by people who appear to be about to faint. He’s clearly in pain, and we see a black liquid flowing from his eyes. Then he opens his mouth and screams, revealing a black, gooey substance inside. The Substance then escapes from his mouth and engulfs the entire church!

The Second Post-Credit Scene

The second post-credit scene in Venom is a brief one, and it doesn’t feature any of the main characters. Instead, we see a man in a dark room, holding what looks like one of the symbiotes in a jar. He puts it down on a table and says, “There’s so much we don’t know. So much to learn.”

The Third Post-Credit Scene

The third post-credit scene in Venom is a Stan Lee cameo. Stan Lee’s cameo in Venom is a scene where he’s talking to someone off-screen and he says, “Venom. What a story.”

The Fourth Post-Credit Scene

The fourth post-credit scene features Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) in his space station, discussing with one of his underlings the news that the Life Foundation’s symbiote program has been shut down by the government.

Drake is clearly not happy about this, and he says that they need to find another way to get their hands on more symbiotes. He then looks at a nearby pod, which contains a symbiote, and says that they have to “go to plan B.”

This post-credit scene teases the possibility of a sequel, which would likely focus on Carlton Drake’s attempts to create more symbiotes.

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