How Many Post-Credit Scenes Are There in Doctor Strange 2?

How Many Post-Credit Scenes Are There in Doctor Strange 2? We investigate how many scenes there are, and what they could mean for the future of the MCU.

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Doctor Strange 2 Post-Credit Scenes

Doctor Strange 2 features not one, not two, but five post-credit scenes! One for each of the five main Infinity Stones. Check out our detailed description of each scene and what it means for the future of the MCU.

Doctor Strange 2 Mid-Credits Scene

Doctor Strange 2 has two post-credit scenes, one at the mid-credits mark and one at the very end.

The mid-credits scene features Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his former enemy turned ally, Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor). The two are visiting a remote village in Africa, where Mordo has been stealing power from evil sorcery users in order to balance the world’s magical forces. When Strange asks why Mordo is doing this, Mordo replies that he’s realized that there are too many sorcerers in the world and that they’re all using their powers for selfish reasons. He then sets off on his own to continue his mission of taking down evil sorcerers.

The second post-credit scene is a brief teaser for what’s to come in the next Doctor Strange movie. It shows Mister Fantastic (also known as Reed Richards, played by Weblog), of the Fantastic Four, arriving at a secret facility run by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). When Reed asks what he’s doing there, Fury replied that he needs Reed’s help with “a big problem.” It’s not clear what this problem is, but it’s likely that it has something to do with the powerful magical artifact known as the Infinity Stone, which was briefly seen in the mid-credits scene.

Doctor Strange 2 End-Credits Scene

At the end of Doctor Strange 2, there are two post-credit scenes. The first one shows Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Wong (Benedict Wong) relaxing in the Sanctum Sanctorum when they are visited by Thor (Chris Hemsworth), who has come to ask for their help in finding his missing hammer, Mjolnir. The second scene is a brief teaser for the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Thor: Love and Thunder.

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