Which Of The Following Would A Finance Manager Be Concerned With?


Similarly, Which of the following is a production manager concerned with?

Production management in manufacturing activities comprises responsibilities for product and process design, capacity and quality planning and control, and personnel organization and supervision.

Also, it is asked, What is the most important factor for customers when buying a performance product?

The most crucial issue is positioning.

Secondly, What is the production manager responsible for?

Technical management, monitoring, and control of industrial production processes are the responsibilities of production managers. Particularly when manufacturing/production equipment is in continuous 24-hour operation, shift and “on-call” labour may be necessary.

Also, What are the role and responsibilities of production manager?

A Production Manager is a specialist who supervises the manufacturing process and manages all operations to ensure enough resources are available. To guarantee that workflow meets specified deadlines, they may arrange employees’ schedules, estimate expenditures, and establish budgets.

People also ask, What are the 4 factors that influence consumer behavior?

Motivation, perception, learning, and attitude or belief system are four psychological elements that drive consumer behavior. The term “motivation” refers to the consumer’s intrinsic demands.

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What are the major factors that influence consumer buying behaviour?

Here are five significant influences on customer behavior: Factors affecting the mind. Consumer behavior is heavily influenced by human psychology. Social determinants. Humans are social creatures who are surrounded by a large number of others who impact their purchasing decisions. Factors of culture Personal Aspects Economic considerations.

What are the roles and responsibilities of production?

A Production Worker is in charge of putting raw materials into machines, assembling things on production lines, and keeping track of the whole process. Furthermore, they do basic quality checks such as product or package testing before to delivery by properly keeping all essential materials.

Is a finance manager a good job?

Financial manager was named No. 3 among Best Business Jobs, No. 16 among Best Paying Jobs, and No. 17 among the Best 100 Jobs by U.S. News & World Report in its list of best jobs for 2021.

What are the 7 factors that influence a decision?

7 Factors and Personal Characteristics That Influence Organizational Decision Making Decisions that are programmed vs. non-programmed: Sources of information: Prejudice: Constraints on the mind: Risk and uncertainty-related attitudes: Personal inclinations: Influences from society and culture:

Which of the following factors influence the organizational buying decision process?

Environmental elements, organizational factors, interpersonal factors, and human factors all have an effect on the company purchase decision process.

What are the 5 situational influences?

Physical surrounds, social surroundings, temporal perspective, task description, and antecedent state are the five types of situational circumstances.

What do you mean by consumer behaviour and enlist determinants of consumer behaviour?

ADVERTISEMENTS: There are three basic categories of factors of consumer behavior: economic, psychological, and social. An effort is made to clarify things with the fewest possible complexities.

What are the 4 Buyer’s characteristics influencing buyer behavior in consumer markets?

Four key elements impact a consumer’s purchasing behavior: cultural, social, personal, and psychological.

How do culture personality and experience influence buyer behavior?

What seems proper, natural, and desirable is influenced by culture. Retailers who encourage customers to swim against the tide make it more difficult for them to pick their services. Making it feasible and simple for customers to pick your goods inside their cultural comfort zone is typically a superior approach.

Which of the following is a cultural factor that affects consumer behavior and marketing strategy?

Demographics, values, language, and nonverbal communications are among cultural elements that influence consumer behavior and marketing strategy.

Why is it important to understand individual behavior list factors that affect individual behavior?

Physical variables, such as age, health, disease, pain, and the effect of a drug or medicine, all have an impact on behavior. Personality, beliefs, expectations, emotions, and mental health are all personal and emotional aspects. Family, culture, friends, and life events are all examples of life experiences.

What is the role of a finance manager?

As Finance Manager, you’ll be in charge of monitoring end-to-end finance operations, financial planning and analysis, balance sheet reconciliations, looking for ways to enhance processes and controls, and dealing with ad-hoc projects and requests as they arise.

What are the duties of a finance manager?

Responsibilities and obligations of a financial manager Reporting on a daily basis Analyzing targets is a process that requires a lot of time and effort. Meetings with department leaders are scheduled. Managing and directing the procedures of monthly reporting, budgeting, and reforecasting. Accounts payable, collection, and payroll are examples of back office services. Cash flow is being kept track of.

What is financial management role?

The primary responsibility of Financial Management is to plan, organize, and manage all of a company’s financial operations. It relates managerial ethics to a company’s financial resources.

What should the manager needs to consider when making a decision?

Managers’ top 7 decision-making suggestions Reframe the situation. Sometimes the greatest way to go ahead is to take a step back. Make judgments based on evidence. Disrupt the existing quo. Get a second opinion.but believe in yourself. Develop a keen sense of danger. Allow yourself to forgive yourself for previous faults. Be truthful to yourself.

What are the factors that affect managerial decision making?

The choice of the management is based on a variety of elements, including the manager’s expertise, experience, insight, and intuition. Certainty. Risk. Uncertainty. Define the issue. Identify potential stumbling blocks. Alternatives should be developed. Examine the many options. Alternatives are being chosen.

Which of the following factors influence the organizational buying decision process Mcq?

buyers’ size and composition

What are the three main categories of situational influences on consumers?

Situational, psychological, and social aspects all have an impact on a consumer’s purchasing choice.

What are situational factors?

A situational element, such as parental divorce, is an external influence that may have an effect on a child’s or young person’s life. Certain situational conditions may put certain children and young people at a greater risk of social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) issues.

What are situational factors business?

Customers are influenced by situational elements that are frequently beyond the control of marketers, producers, and, in some cases, even merchants. In general, the circumstance influences how customers engage with a product, influencing their decision at the time.

Why is understanding consumers important to developing effective marketing strategies?

What Is the Importance of Consumer Behavior in Marketing? Businesses may better promote their goods and services by knowing how purchasers think, feel, and make decisions. This assists in the marketing of current goods and services by allowing marketers to forecast how their consumers will behave.

What are consumer motives & What are the motives which influence purchase decision?

The influences or motivating , that determine a buyer’s purchasing intentions are referred to as buying motives. To put it another way, a purchasing motivation is the inner sentiments, impulse, instinct, drive, desire, stimuli, ideas, or emotion that drives a consumer to purchase a certain product or service to meet his wants.

What are the 4 types of buying behaviour?

The 4 Different Types of Purchasing Behavior Taking a Longer Time to Make a Decision. Decision-Making Capacity Purchases that are made on a regular basis. Purchasing Behavior Is Driven by a Desire for Variety.

What are the five stages of the consumer buying process?

What is the decision-making process of a consumer? There are five key phases in the customer decision-making process. This is the method through which customers consider their options before making a purchase. Problem identification, information gathering, alternative assessment, purchase decision, and post-buy evaluation are the five phases.


A finance manager would be concerned with the “what are the advantages of outsourcing over producing in your plant?” since they would want to ensure that their company is maximizing profits.

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The “as an r&d manager, how can you reduce material costs?” is a question that would be of concern to a finance manager. The answer would be to find ways to decrease the cost of materials used in production.

  • what is the actual number of units available (assuming sufficient capacity)?
  • which action would decrease demand?
  • what happens when scheduled production exceeds plant capacity?
  • what is the safest way for a company to replenish cash reserves depleted from plant improvements?
  • which of the following issues should the r&d department and the marketing department coordinate on?

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