Shang Chi: How Many Post-Credit Scenes Are There?

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has a lot of post-credit scenes. Here’s how many and what they mean for the MCU.

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How many post-credit scenes are there in Shang Chi?

xml:spaces=”preserve”>Shang Chi has two post-credit scenes. The first scene shows the relationship between Shang Chi and his father, Fu Manchu. The second scene shows Shang Chi’s former lover, Leiko Wu, in a new relationship.

What do the post-credit scenes reveal?

There are two post-credit scenes in Shang Chi. The first reveals that the Ten Rings, the terrorist organization that originally recruited Shang Chi’s father, is still very much active. The second scene shows Fu Manchu, Shang Chi’s long-lost father, who is now in prison. He is visited by his daughter, who tells him that she has taken over the Ten Rings and that she will free him soon.

What is the significance of the post-credit scenes?

The post-credit scenes are a tradition in Marvel Studios films, and Shang-Chi is no exception. There are two post-credit scenes in the film, both of which are significant.

The first post-credit scene takes place immediately after the credits, and shows Fu Manchu (Shang-Chi’s father) observing a test subjects reactions to the injection of the Extremis virus. He is pleased with the results, and tells his underling that they are ready to move on to phase 2 of their plan.

The second post-credit scene takes place further down the line, and shows Shang-Chi teaching his daughter how to fight. It’s a touching moment, and serves to show that despite everything that has happened, Shang-Chi is still a good person at heart.

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