How Many Venom 2 Post Credit Scenes Are There?

Venom 2 post-credit scenes are in store for fans of the anti-hero, and we’ve got all the details on what you can expect.

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How Many Venom 2 Post Credit Scenes Are There?

There are two post credit scenes in Venom 2. The first scene shows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) visiting his ex-wife Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) and their young son Dylan. Eddie tells Anne that he’s going to get back into journalism and asks if she’ll help him with some research. Anne agrees, but says she’s not ready to get back together with him just yet.

The second scene shows Carnage (Woody Harrelson) breaking out of prison and killing several guards in the process. He then makes a call to someone, saying he’s coming for them.

What Happened in the First Venom Post Credit Scene?

In the first post-credits scene, we see Eddie (Tom Hardy) in a jail cell, where he’s visited by Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the leader of the Life Foundation and the villain of the first Venom movie. Carlton tells Eddie that he wants to harness the power of the symbiote for himself, and in order to do that, he needs Eddie’s help. Eddie, of course, refused, and so Carlton had one of his henchmen shoot him in the head with a tranquilizer dart. The next thing we see is Eddie waking up strapped to a table, with Drake standing over him, ready to perform some kind of surgery.

What Happened in the Second Venom Post Credit Scene?

The second Venom post credit scene shows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) visiting a courtroom to watch Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) on trial. While there, he meets up with Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), his ex-wife and the mother of his child. Brock tells her that he’s “thinking about getting back into journalism”, to which she replies that she’s “thinking about getting back into law”. The two then part ways.

What is the Mid-Credits Scene in Venom 2?

The mid-credits scene in Venom 2 is a great way to set up the next movie in the franchise, and it also has some very fun and entertaining moments. The scene opens with a group of people in a lab, who are testing out a new serum that will allow people to withstand more physical pain. However, the subjects of the test don’t seem to be doing so well, as they’re all screaming in agony.

One of the scientists, Dr. Carlton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed), is not happy with the results of the test and demands that they find a new subject to test the serum on. That’s when they bring in Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy), who has just been taken into custody after his battle with Carnage.

Dr. Drake tells Eddie that he’s going to be tested with the new serum, and if he can withstand the pain, then he’ll be rewarded with a large sum of money. Eddie seems hesitant at first, but he eventually agrees to do it.

The scene then cuts to black and we hear Eddie screaming in pain, which leads into the credits.

Who is the Villain in the Mid-Credits Scene?

The mid-credits scene for Venom 2 sees Carnage rising from a pool of black liquid, having bonded with the symbiote. He’s then approached by two members of the Life Foundation, who ask him to come with them. He obliges, but not before slaughtering them both.

What is the Post-Credits Scene in Venom 2?

There are two post-credit scenes in Venom 2. The first one shows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) visiting his ex-wife Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) and son in a hospital. Anne has just given birth to a daughter, who Eddie holds for a few seconds before giving her back to Anne. He then tells Anne that he needs to go “do something” and leaves.

The second post-credit scene shows Venom symbiote having bonded with Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the villain of the film. The two are seen flying through the air, with Drake laughing maniacally.

What Happens in the End Credits Scene of Venom 2?

In the end credits scene of Venom 2, we see Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) visit a grave in the rain. He then walks away and throws his umbrella in a trash can. He looks up at the sky and sees a spaceship.

We then see a title card that reads, “In Memory of Stan Lee.”

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