How Many Eternals End Credit Scenes Are There?

How Many Eternals End Credit Scenes Are There? We break it all down for you, and explain what each one means for the MCU’s future.

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How Many Eternals End Credit Scenes Are There?

As many of you know, the film Eternals features not one, not two, but three post-credits scenes. The first two are set during the present day, while the third is a bit of a flash-forward. So, how many Eternals end credit scenes are there in total?

The First End Credit Scene

The first end credit scene in Avengers: Endgame is a touching tribute to Tony Stark, who sacrificed himself to save the universe. The scene shows Peter Parker visiting Tony’s daughter, Morgan, and telling her that her father was the greatest superhero he ever knew.

The Second End Credit Scene

In addition to the usual credits sequence, there are two extra scenes that play during the credits of Eternals.

The first of these is a mid-credits scene which features Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Kumail Nanjiani) attending a party at a New York City nightclub in the present day. The two discuss how they have been living among humans for thousands of years, undetected. They are then approached by a man who offers them drugs, which they decline.

The second scene is a post-credits scene in which the Eternals are shown in ancient times, before they were awakened by the Celestials. The scene features them gathered around a fire, with Gilgamesh (Don Lee) telling a story.

The Third End Credit Scene

The third end credit scene is a bit of a treat for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It shows the Eternals in their natural habitat, on the planet Titan. This is the first time we see them in their true form and it is a beautiful sight. The scene is set to the song “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness, which perfectly fits the tone of the scene.

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