How Many End Credit Scenes Are There in Morbius?

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you’re probably wondering how many end credit scenes are in Morbius. We’ve got the answer for you!

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Morbius end credit scene one

The Morbius end credits scene sets up a potential sequel by teasing the arrival of another major Spider-Man villain. The scene in question features Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, AKA the Vulture, as he’s breaking out a fellow inmate from prison.

What happens

The first end credit scene in Morbius happens after the final battle between Morbius and Loxias Crown. As Morbius lies dying from his injuries, he is approached by a man in a shadowy cloak. The man introduces himself as Michael Morbius, and he offers to help Morbius “feed” so that he can heal his injuries.

Michael Morbius is revealed to be a vampire in this scene, and he offers to turn Morbius into a vampire so that he can heal his injuries and become immortal. Morbius declines the offer, saying that he wants to find another way to heal his injuries without resorting to feeding on blood. Michael tells Morbius that there is no other way, but gives him a vial of blood before leaving.

This end credit scene sets up the sequel to Morbius, which will see Michael Morbius recruiting Morbius to help him with his own problems. It also teases the introduction of vampires into the Spider-Man universe, which could have major implications for the future of the franchise.

What it means

The post-credits scene for Morbius sets up a potential sequel for the Spider-Man villain, as well as introduces a new character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the scene, we see Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) in his home, where he is visited by Adrian Toomes (alias Vulture, played by Michael Keaton). Toomes offers to help Morbius with his bloodthirsty condition in exchange for information on Spider-Man, whom he holds a grudge against.

This could mean that a sequel to Morbius is already in the works, or that Sony and Marvel are setting up a potential crossover between the two studios’ movie universes. In either case, it’s an exciting tease for what’s to come from both Spider-Man and the MCU.

Morbius end credit scene two

What happens

The second end credit scene in Morbius takes place after the final battle between Morbius and Loxias Crown. In this scene, we see a brief glimpse of Michael Keaton’s character, Adrian Toomes / Vulture, who is in prison. He is approached by another inmate who asks him if he’s heard of a “guy called Morbius.” Toomes then looks at the camera with a smirk on his face, hinting that he knows about Morbius and could possibly team up with him in the future.

What it means

The second end credit scene introduces a fan-favorite Spider-Man villain, Michael Morbius (played by Jared Leto). In the comics, Morbius is a scientist who turns himself into a vampire in order to find a cure for a rare blood disease. The character has been described as “Spider-Man’sThe Joker.”

In the end credit scene, we see Morbius waking up in his lab. He looks over at a photo of Spider-Man and says, “Ohhh, you’re gonna love this.” It’s not clear what he’s talking about, but it seems like he’s either planning to go after Spider-Man or he’s going to turn himself into a vampire. Either way, it looks like we’re going to see more of Morbius in the future.

Morbius end credit scene three

What happens

In the third and final end credit scene, we see Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) in his home laboratory working on a cure for his vampirism. He is also seen writing a letter to his love interest, Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona), in which he says that he hopes to see her soon. We then see Morbius injecting himself with what may be the cure, and as he does so, his eyes turn from yellow back to brown. The scene ends with Morbius looking in the mirror and seeing himself as he was before he became a vampire.

What it means

The third and final end credit scene in Morbius sees the return of Michael Keaton’s Vulture from the Spider-Man: Homecoming movies. In the scene, we see Adrian Toomes (the Vulture) being released from prison. He’s met by his daughter (who we saw earlier in the movie helping him escape prison) and some shady characters. They get into a car and drive off, with Toomes saying that he knows someone who can help them with their “problem.”

It’s pretty clear that this scene is setting up a future movie, possibly a sequel to Morbius or even a Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 (assuming that movie happens). It’s also possible that this could lead into a spin-off movie for the Vulture, which would be pretty cool.

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