How Many End Credit Scenes Are in Shang Chi?

Shang Chi has two end credit scenes. One of them is a teaser for what’s to come in the next movie. The other is a sneak peek at a deleted scene from the movie.

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How Many End Credit Scenes Are in Shang Chi?


Including a post-credits scene has become something of a MCU standard, with almost every movie in the franchise including one (or sometimes even two). Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is no different, with the movie featuring not one but two scenes after the credits have rolled.

The first of these scenes shows Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) visiting a fellow sorcerer, who he then proceeds to kill. This scene is significant as it shows Mordo’s change of heart regarding magic users, which was first hinted at in Doctor Strange. This is likely to be explored further in future movies, particularly as Mordo now has his sights set on eliminating all sorcerers.

The second post-credits scene shows Shang-Chi’s sister, Jia-Li (Tiffany Espensen), being given aTen Rings symbol by Fu Manchu (Tommy Lee Jones). This seemingly confirms that Fu Manchu is still alive and well, despite apparently being killed by Shang-Chi at the end of the movie. It also raises the possibility that Jia-Li will play a role in future movies, perhaps even working for her father as an antagonist.

The First End Credit Scene

The first end credit scene in Shang Chi is a brief one, showing Kerry and her mother talking about her father. It’s a touching moment, and it sets up the next scene nicely.

The second end credit scene is a bit longer, and it features Shang Chi and his father reunited. This is a heartwarming moment, and it’s sure to bring a tear to your eye.

The Second End Credit Scene

The second end credit scene in Shang Chi occurs after the credits have rolled and features a brief clip of Katy Perry’s “Firework.” This moment is meant to be a nod to the character of Shang Chi’s mother, who is seen earlier in the film celebrating Chinese New Year with a fireworks display.

The Third End Credit Scene

There are actually three end credit scenes in Shang Chi. The first two are pretty simple and don’t add much to the story, but the third one is a doozy.

The first end credit scene shows Shang Chi’s sister, May, being recruited by the same organization that trained her brother. She’s given a mission to kill someone, but she’s not sure if she can go through with it.

The second end credit scene shows the man that Shang Chi was supposed to kill in the first scene. He’s talking to someone on the phone and it’s revealed that he knows about May and her ability to do chi energy blasts.

The third and final end credit scene shows Shang Chi and his friends at a bar, celebrating their victory over the bad guys. Suddenly, a fight breaks out and Shang Chi is forced to use his chi energy blasts to take down the attackers. After the fight, one of his friends asks him what he’s going to do now that he has all this power. Shang Chi doesn’t know, but he knows he’ll never be able to just sit around and do nothing with it.

The Fourth End Credit Scene

The fourth end credit scene in Shang Chi is a bit of a departure from the other three. Rather than being a continuation of the story, it is a brief glimpse into the future. In this scene, we see Shang Chi training his daughter, Mantra. It is a touching moment that shows the close relationship between father and daughter.

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