How Many After Credit Scenes Are There in Spiderman?

We all know that feeling of anticipation when the credits start to roll on a Marvel movie – is there an after credit scene? And if so, how many? We’ve got the answer for you on this blog post!

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How many after credit scenes are there in Spiderman?

There are four after credit scenes in Spiderman. The first one is with Peter Parker and his aunt talking about his Uncle Ben. The second one is with Spiderman and Captain America talking about the Avengers. The third one is with Spiderman and Iron Man talking about the event that happened in New York City. The fourth and final one is with Stan Lee making a cameo appearance.

What do these scenes reveal about the movie?

The after credit scenes in Spiderman reveal a lot about the movie. The first scene shows Peter Parker trying to web sling his way across the city. The second scene shows Spiderman chasing a criminal. The third scene shows Spiderman saving a child from a falling piece of debris.

What do the scenes hint at for future movies?

The post-credits scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming are two, both of which tease future stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first scene features Captain America (Chris Evans) and his team of Avengers in a educational video for Peter Parker (Tom Holland), and the second sees Michael Keaton’s Vulture being processed at Prison 42.

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